Buy the classic lyagan for pilaf in the online store

You can buy the classic lyagan for pilaf in our online store We have presented the Uzbek national handmade dishes made by Uzbek masters.

The classic lyagan is a large-sized dish of classical round shape, intended for serving second courses, pilaf, fruit and baked. The Uzbek plate of lyagans is known today not only in the territory of Central Asia.

The Uzbek lyagans have found wide application in Russia, and in the USA, and in Canada. People who moved to live from Uzbekistan for permanent residence to other countries brought this surprisingly convenient dish.

Many people use the lyagan “Classic” for pilafin the kitchen every day, and for many people it is a souvenir that reminds of sunny Uzbekistan. An excellent souvenir can be the Uzbek lyagan”Classic” patterns which are made with a special needle – this is a very laborious work, requiring great skill and time. From this technique of patterning the surface of the Uzbek classical lyagan becomes rough and the plate acquires a royal chic look.

We offer to buy the classic Uzbek lyagans in our online store We work all over the world and guarantee the delivery of goods directly to the door of the addressee. With the terms of delivery and payment, you can read more on the main page of our website.