Buy the Uzbek kettle from ceramics (large, brewed)

You can buy the Uzbek kettle from ceramics in our online store We have presented the Uzbek national handmade dishes made by Uzbek masters.

The Uzbek teapot is not only a mandatory attribute of any meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner), but also a table decoration. The Uzbek kettles are distinguished by their rounded forms and exquisite patterns.

There are two types of Uzbek teapots – a large teapot and a teapot. In the teapot, as it is clear from the name itself, they make tea (black or green). It can be poured compote or a soft drink In large kettles. The eramics does not let out and does not let in the cold and therefore soft drinks in the large ceramic kettles stay cool for a long time.

You can see Uzbek teapots (each product has a photo)on our website , the patterns of which are made with a needle. This is a very laborious work and it can be performed only by highly professional masters. Thanks to this method of drawing a picture, the teapot Uzbek teapot immediately becomes a real work of art and therefore one can buy the Uzbek teapot as an expensive and luxurious souvenir that will decorate the kitchen for your friends or close people.

We offer to buy the Uzbek teapot in our online store We work all over the world and guarantee the delivery of goods directly to the door of the addressee. With the terms of delivery and payment, you can read more on the main page of our website.