Buy the Uzbek plate “kasa” from ceramics

Buy the Uzbek plate “kasa” from ceramics in our online store We have presented the Uzbek national handmade dishes made by the Uzbek masters.

The Uzbek kasas is the ceramic dish resembling a deep plate, but without a rim or a large cup, but without a handle. It is also called “kosushka” from the Uzbek word “kosa”, since there are a lot of “o” in the Uzbek language: Bukhara – Bukhoro, Tashkent – Tjshkent, Akkurgan – Okkurgon, kasa- kosa.

The Uzbek deep dish kasa is intended for liquid first and second dishes, and is also used as a salad bowl or for serving small fruits such as cherry, cherry, plum, alcha, etc. on the table.

The ceramic kasa from Uzbekistan can be a wonderful gift, as it is not similar to the usual plates for Russian, English, Americans and other nations. Using it, your friends or relatives will feel the warmth and hospitality of our sunny Uzbekistan every day.

We offer to buy the Uzbek plate kasa in our online store We work all over the world and guarantee the delivery of goods directly to the door of the addressee. With the terms of delivery and payment, you can read more on the main page of our website.