Buy the Uzbek tea set (teapot, pialas, lyagan, sugar bowl, saucers)

Buy the Uzbek tea set in our online store We have presented Uzbek national handmade dishes made by Uzbek masters.

In the tea service, the Uzbek in its overwhelming majority includes: a kettle, pialas, a lygan, a sugar bowl and small saucer plates. But there are other combinations of dishes.

You can find the simple Uzbek tea sets for daily use in our online store. They are inexpensive. And there are tea sets, the patterns of which are made with a needle. They are rough and seemingly chic. Such Uzbek sets can be bought in an online store as an expensive souvenir.

Any Uzbek pattern makes the ordinary ceramic product national, as master craftsmen make them in accordance with the traditions of the city or district of Uzbekistan where they live. For example, the Rishtan ceramics are immediately distinguished by a fine elegant pattern in blue tones: from dark blue to gently blue.

We offer to buy the Uzbek tea set in our online store We work all over the world and guarantee the delivery of goods directly to the door of the addressee. With the terms of delivery and payment, you can read more on the main page of our website.