How to choose the right Uzbek handmade knife pchak

Buy the Uzbek knife pchak you can in our online store We have the Uzbek national handmade knives made by masters of Uzbekistan.

The Uzbek knife pchak or pichok is easily recognizable and unlike others, thanks to its wide blade and round small handle, a knife. To correctly choose the Uzbek knife pchak you need to clearly know what you will use it for. If you need the pchak knife Uzbek for the kitchen – osh pchak – there is a “big cassob pchak”, there is “small chust pchak” and “small osh pchak”.

The large cassob pichak is used for cutting meat, it has a reinforced blade, it is heavy and massive. The small chust pichok is used for shredding vegetables, it has a slightly curved blade, and the handle is slightly inclined. The small for cutting fruit, it is light and in the hand is very comfortable.

Choose the Uzbek pchak (photo is presented for each product) in the online store is certainly more complicated than when you pick it up, but it is still possible. After all, it is not always possible to go to Uzbekistan to buy the Uzbek knives pchaki.

To sharpen pchak it is necessary periodically before each cutting, it is desirable to drive a blade along the bottom of ceramic dishes, for example, plates, bowls or cash registers. The bottom has a certain granularity, which allows you to quickly sharpen the knife making only 5-6 movements. The unique form of sharpening the blade allows you to make the sharpening easy and simple.

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